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Stackdev is a knowledge sharing platform where users get paid for asking questions and contributing unique insights and quality answers.

How It Works

How ot works Background
  1. You create a question or an answer
  2. Your question/answer contributes to StackDev revenue
  3. You get the share of revenue
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First thing you should do to become a member of an interactive community of developers is toSign up, create your profile, integrate your wallet to Stackdev Escrow system and get to know how the Stackdev revenue is distributed.

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How StackDev users get paid?

There are 3 main sources of revenue

Share of Revenue

The revenue generated by ads on StackDev is shared between the Platform and Platform users based on reputation and popularity of generated content. As soon as youSign up, you will have custom access to details of how much revenue the project has available for the users.

Paid Questions

Paid questions are an opportunity to earn by answering to a question for which the publisher offers some bounty. As soon as your answer is accepted by the author, the StackDev Escrow system transfers it to your wallet.

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StackDev awards all its users with the opportunity to offer bounty for all questions. In case you need an answer to your question, you offer how much you are willing to pay, transfer it to StackDev Escrow system and the author of the approved answer is awarded consequently.

In case you need an answer for already existing question created by another user and you want to pay for it, you will need a confirmation from the question author.

If it is an inactive question, the site moderators will award the confirmation, if applicable.


You can donate tokens from your wallet to any answer or a question that you like or support. Just click on donate, choose the size of donation, and support the community.

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How StackDev revenue is distributed?

StackDev distributes the revenue according to user impact as follows:

  • Item 1

    how much quality time the user has spent on one page

  • Item 2

    what reputation the user has

  • Item 3

    what quantity and quality of content the user has created

  • Item 4

    how many views the user's content has generated

  • Item 5

    activity the user's content generates (answers, comments), etc.

  • Item 6

    how many new users have joined the platform


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