How to create a collapse button in HTML?

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I want to make a button in google blogger which will, when clicked collapse and show the hidden content and when again clicked it will contract and hide the content?

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I just did some testing in Google Blogger for my blog… here is what I found

Good news, you can do it (I will show below). Bad news, it’s a bit nasty to code.

Here is the code I used in my blog to show and hide the text:

    This text is shown automatically.<br />
    <button id="click" onclick="javascript: var thisButton = document.getElementById('click'); var more = document.getElementById('showMore'); if (more.style.display == 'none') {more.style.display = 'inline'; thisButton.innerText = 'Show less';}else if (more.style.display == 'inline') {more.style.display = 'none'; thisButton.innerText = 'Show more';}" spellcheck="false">Show more</button><br />
    <div id="showMore" style="display: none;">
    This text is shown only when you click the button above.</div>

To view this in action click here

Hope this helps!

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