How to download file from internet in CMD?

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Is there any way to download a file from the cmd? (a.k.a terminal)
I have been trying to download a file from a .bat file. And plus I don’t want to download anything. I have tried wget but has not worked.
Please help me :)

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Yes, there is one easy way through which you can download file using Cmd.
It can be done using Bitsadmin

bitsadmin /transfer wcb /priority high C:\Users\Username\Downloads\

Username will be replaced by your name
Antivirus may flag this commnd as threat and will try to block the download. It will show Bitsadmin.exe as malware and in my case it even closed the Cmd.
While specifying the download location you need to metion full file path ( ex: \

Donwload Page : Jetty Download Page
In the example zip version is used

Bitsadmin Microsoft Page

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