How to transfer Stack Dev earnings to wallet?

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I am wondering, how to transfer my earnings from StackDev to my wallet that I specified in my profile settings.
Does it automatically transfer once it reaches a certain value, or can I only transfer it once I have at least a certain amount?

Under StackDev wallet transactions it has said the same amount for a long time… (I haven’t done much recently so I haven’t earned anything…)

I even looked in the How it works, and it doesn’t say anything about the amount. Since someone has said that it should automatically transfer once there is “enough” now my question is: How much is “enough”? At what point will my earnings actually be transfered to my account?

Thanks in advanced!

Batman 210
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yes it should automatically be transfered to your linked ether wallet.

hcoded 5

When does it normally transfer then?


usually when you have enough earnings.

Arthur Dilanyan

When is “enough”?

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