Hover effect on div and image is not working in css

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i have a div that contain image [and the image is serve the purpose of button]. I want to make the div or img more user freindly . For that i try to create a border when hover on the it . But its not working . Please see my code.

.pa-img, .img-div{
.img-div:hover {
  border:1px solid red;
.pa-img:hover {
  border:1px solid red;

<div class="img-div">
  <img class="pa-img" src="https://i.ibb.co/ymCFbTJ/pay-paypal.png" />

If you have any good idea to make this imge more attractive or more effect on hover please help . I will create a jquery function for the mage click .

But currently user is not able to identify this is a button . They are not clicking the image . That why i try to make hover effect.

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